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Francesco’s Story

Thin Crust New York Style


Francesco’s Pizzeria is a 4th generation family pizza making dynasty that starts with the original pioneer himself, Francesco.

In 1918 he immigrated to New York from a small village in Italy called Marzano Appio, located on the outskirts of Naples. With him he brought the dream of making his family’s authentic pizza pies to his new found homeland. Francesco, hardworking and determined, started working at various pizzerias on the historic Italian Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. He quickly mastered the pizza oven and started his own business. Incorporating his mother’s and grandmother’s traditional dough recipe, which are the heart and the soul of his pies. His dream came true and for over 100 years his secret dough recipe and delicious pies have made it all the way from a tiny village in Italy, through New York and into your home in little Providence, Rhode Island!

All of our thin crust NY style pizzas are made to order in a dual coal-fire brick oven. The 1,000-degree oven is operated by our pizzaiolo’s who have gone through months of rigorous training. We pride ourselves on fresh local produce, imported olive oil, fresh herbs and ingredients.  Most of all, a key component to Francesco’s secret dough recipe is the imported Antimo Caputo “00” flour. The “00” refers to the texture of the flour, “00” is the finest grind available for flour. The fine grind produces a crunchy and crisp pizza crust without being rubbery, and produces just the right amount of puff on the edges. This soft and flavorful flour is created from top-quality, all-natural soft flour that has been milled slowly. 

Try it for yourself ……. MANGIA !!!

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